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Game News
    Those Left Behind is a linkshell created out of the chaos that Final Fantasy XI has become. With the coming of Abyssea, many people are pressured into playing classes they don't like, or are abandoned by their peers who leave them behind to seek their own fortune. Vana'diel has become a cold harsh place full of greedy, uncaring, selfish people. We're here to prove that some of us remember the old days when we had to work for what we achieved.
    We may not be the first to gain +1 or +2 on our armor, but we'll get there. We take in those people who have nowhere to go or those who genuinely like to help others whether or not they get anything in return. We don't ask for anything except to pay it forward and help someone in return. At the end of the day we can rest with a clear conscious in knowing we helped someone, and if we gain something worthwhile ourselves we wouldn't have had to of stepped on someone to get it. We have a long road ahead of us to become ready for all aspects of the game, but we have several high levels among us that have contributed their time already. I believe we can make FFXI fun again without the "me first" attitude running around. It just takes time and patience. Because someone you help now will sometimes be there to help you when you need it. Though I can't speak for everyone, thats what I like to strive for in this linkshell. Just remember to have fun yourself. This isn't a job, just a lighter state of mind.

Be sure to check out-

Resources: To add things to your need list and to place orders for any registered crafters.

Roster: To see who there is among us.


P.S. If you're already a high level and would like a pearlsack just ask. Be mindful of those you invite. Although we do like to help others, we don't want to attract people who are only here to get stuff. Also if you're already a high level you don't need me around to do things. Feel free to help your fellow LS members as you can.
Guild News

The battle wages

CercieFFXI, Jul 9, 11 5:01 AM.
After spending some time advertising our LS as a helpful group of people, I've begun to realize how lucky we are to have each and every one of you. Sure this is a game, but we all spend our time and money for it. We deserve a little respect. There's just so much immaturity on this server they'll attack you just for helping out your fellow person. I may need your help in recruiting. They don't take me seriously on my own and we may need several voices to promote our cause.

The revolution has begun!

CercieFFXI, Jul 8, 11 8:13 AM.
Hello everyone and welcome to Those Left Behind. We're here to bring back the old days of FFXI when people needed eachother to get ahead and are not scorned for having sub par gear or playing a job a certain way. We don't sell our souls to get the best armor. Sure some of us may already have it, but even you people who haven't yet broken your level 50 cap have every right to enjoy the game just the same. My idea is to bring together a group of generous people who will eventually grow into a powerful linkshell capable of handling it's own. It will not happen overnight and will only happen if we all want it to. Thats why I give a word of warning to those that join. This isn't a get profit quick linkshell with a bunch of random faces picking at whatever scraps they can find. I'd like you all to work together, become friends and just know who you can count on. If we have that attitude more people will join or we might even gain some allies or invitations to events with larger linkshells. Maybe we'll even show them a thing or two about generosity.
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